Sunday, May 29, 2011


For many years I am interested in the "bio lifestyle". Probably since I lived in Germany (.... yyyyears ago... :) ) It's good that finally this kind of thinking slowly came also to Bulgaria, lots of people embraced the green idea and nowadays there are lots of bio stores in Sofia. I visited some of them in the last months and always took something that appeared to be a great product. What I wanted to share within the today's post is the bio cosmetic products that I bought.

The first one is a night cream from

It smells fantastic, makes the skin soooo soft and makes me sleep even better ;).

Today I went to I wanted to buy an organic shampoo as my scalp is qiute sensitive and the regular shampoos are making me scratching my head all day. I hope the organic cosmetics will help me on this. I choose this one:

 This is it for today :) Have a nice sunday evenening!

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